Nugent Flutes is proud to announce we are now a Muramatsu 
 dealer!! Combined with Verne Q. Powell, and Di Zhao flutes we now carry the highest quality flutes in every category.
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Announcing My First
Tax Free Weekend!!
I'll pay the sales taxes on any in-stock flute or headjoint purchased on February 17th and 18th.
I will be getting in extra flutes and headjoints just for this event!
​E-mail me for appointments.

Home of the FREE COA!!
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Verne Q. Powell Flutes
Ever since I began handmade flute finishing in 1999 at Verne Q. Powell flutes I have loved their sound. The sweet sounding Powell Sonaré provides a range of beautiful and affordable flutes with bodies and headjoints made in the USA by some of the most talented craftspeople in the world. Handmade Powells are completely made in the USA and provide a rich, complex and mature sound, combined with a beautiful mechanism built to the most exacting standards. Handmade flutes include the Signature, Conservatory, and Custom models. Contact me for an appointment in my shop or if you would like an at home trial. 

Di Zhao Flutes
When I met Di Zhao in 1999 he was already an amazing flute maker. We both worked in the finishing department of Verne Q. Powell Flutes at the time, and I was continually impressed at Di's craftsmanship and drive. Di has figured out how to bring great craftsmanship down to the more affordable beginner and intermediate instruments. These instruments are the perfect "Little brother" to Powell. It is no wonder he makes such incredible flutes!

Erik Nugent
Handmade Flute Maker and Repairman

   I am a Boston flute maker who just moved to Little Rock, Arkansas.
   In 1999 I began making handmade flutes as a finisher for Verne Q. Powell and David Williams. I  became the Repair Manager for William S. Haynes, and I was the Quality Control Manager for Nagahara Flutes for 9 years. A desire to be near family has brought me to Arkansas where I can offer the highest level of expertise.   more