Professional and Handmade
C Flutes, Altos, and Basses.

Professional Piccolos are priced the same as Intermediate Flutes.

Every repair begins with a free, exhaustive inspection to determine the best corse of action.
While I can do my best to discuss the nessessary work over the phone with you I won't be able to make an exact estimate until I inspect the flute.


$999 Labor
$99 Lucien Deluxe or
$199 Straubinger
pad set

Altos and Basses $150 Lucien Deluxe pad set

An Overhaul is required if the flute has been played for 3-10 years depending on the amount of time played and the frequency of COAs. A profesional who plays and teaches 8 hours a day would require an overhaul much more frequently than a hobiest who plays 30 minutes a week. 

An overhaul includes a COA and a Repad, plus the following: 
  • All felts and corks are removed 
  • All solder joints are carefully inspected
  • Posts and post faces are checked and realigned
  • Steels are inspected for straightness and straigntened
  • Steels and pivot screws are fit
  • The mechanism is swedged to remove any side to side play
  • Keys are polished to return them to a fine lustre and remove minor scratches
  • Normal body dents are removed and the body is polished, if requested. This process removes material, and some customers don't want it. 
  • Springs are inspected
  • New felts and corks are glued in place
  • New pads and adjustments are installed
  • Headjoint and Footjoint tennons are fit
  • Headjoint cork is replaced
Overhauls are warrenteed for 1 year.

email to schedule an Overhaul


$799.00 Labor
$99 Lucien Deluxe or
$199 Straubinger
pad set

Altos and Basses $150 Lucien Deluxe pad set

A Repad is done only when the mechanism is in good shape. With a tight mechanism pads can be replaced for premature wear or timbre change.

The most common reason for a Repad is when a repair person put a kind of pads in that you don't like, and you would like them replaced.

A repad includes everything in the COA plus instailling new pads and making adjustments. 

As a Straubinger Technition I offer Straubinger pads for a modern sound.

For a sweeter, more classic sound I offer Lucien Delux, the highest quality felt pads.

Repads are warrenteed for 3 months

email to schedule a Repad

Clean, Oil and Adjust

$299.00 Labor

A COA is considered yearly matainance that should be done on every quality flute.

First I disassemble all the keys and clean off the old oil. Then I carefully hand polish the mechanism, body, and headjoint, removing as much of the tarnish as possible. I clean the pads and Inspect them for tears. Any torn pads are replaced. The first pad replacement is included in the fee; but each subsaquent pad is $20 Labor plus the price of the pad. Felt pads are $9 each and synthetic pads are $12 each.  With the new and clean pads in I can reassemble the mechnism with fresh oil. I then check the instrument for pad or adjustment leaks. The key height is then adjusted to get rid of any lost motion. The headjoint cork is inspected for a tight seal and replaced if nessessary. Finally I check the case for wear to insure a proper fit for the saftey of the flute. 

COAs are warrenteed for 30 days.

email to schedule a COA