New Verne Q. Powell Flutes

Purchase any solid silver Verne Q. Powell Sonaré flute or above and get your first yearly COA for FREE! Details here ​​

Powell Hand Made Custom Sterling Silver
Soldered Toneholes    B Foot    Pinless Mechanism  C# Trill
Made in the USA Free first years COA (a $299 value!) Synthetic Pads

Handmade Conservatory 9k Aurumite
C# Trill          B Foot        Pinless Mechanism  
Made in the USA  
Pointed Arms       High E Facilitator    Offset G
Open Hole Cups     Synthetic Pads
Free COA
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What is Aurumite?
Aurumite is a laminate of Gold and Silver that is much thicker than any plating. Gold plating is very thin, and is less than 1% of the metal of the body. With Aurumite 13% of the metal is gold. 

Handmade Conservatory Aurumite: 9k gold on the outside

Handmade Custom Aurumite: 14k gold on the inside

Handmade Signature
  All Sterling Silver Body and Keys    14k Gold Wall​​
Split E        B Foot
Made in the USA
Traditional Pinned
 Mechanism    Pointed Arms    Offset G
Open Hole Cups     Synthetic Pads

Retail $8539    

Nugent Flutes $7715
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Sonaré 501
B Foot     Split E    Offset G
Y Arms    Open Hole Cups
Body and Head Made in the USA
Sterling Silver Head Joint
Body and Keys silver plated
Retail $2,240  
Nugent Flutes $1,652
Contact me  for at home trials and custom orders.