Speaking with the University of Arkansas Flute Studio
My lectures include: 
  • PowerPoint presentation 
  • Props that help to get the concepts across
  • Stories and examples from my 20 years in the Handmade Flute industry
  • A wide range of new flutes and piccolos for your students to try, from Intermediate to handmade
  • An occational joke or puppy video
  • Lectures run 25-35 minutes 
  • Afterwards allowing for question and answer time and time for the students to play the instruments

What you will provide:
  • Projector with audio (Smart Board systems are perfect)
  • One or two tables to put the flutes on
  • Access to the room for no less than 1 hour before for setup
  • Access to the room for no less than 2 hours afterwards for students to play the flutes and cleanup (I have to wipe up a bunch of flutes!)
  • A trusted student for 1 hour before the lecture to help with unloading and keep an eye on the instruments if I must leave the room
  • One or two trusted students to help me clean the flutes as I put them away
  • A small stipend to help cover transportation costs and hotel room or guest room stay if you are more than a few hours from Little Rock

The Flutemaker's Point of View

This lecture is a bouillabaisse of information about the flute's history, acoustics, mechanics, options, metals, care and maintainence. In it I use slinkies and paper-tube flutes to get across fundamental flute acoustics concepts. This is great for a studio that wants to learn more about many aspects of the flute.

Something Broke:
Get Me Through The Gig

This lecture is a practical guide to what kinds of problems occur with flutes, and what you could do to quickly diagnose and fix common problems that crop up right before a gig. It is must know information for the professional flute player, and great knoweledge for non-flute playing future band directors! Players are encouraged to bring their flutes so they can see how the examples apply to their own instrument.