I don't publish my address to protect the flutes in my care. Contact Me for my shipping address.

Not nearby? No problem. Just ship it!

Here is what you should know before you ship:

There are great low cost alternatives out there. Most home owner's or renter's insurances already cover your instruments. First, call your agent to make sure your instrument is covered to it's current or replacement value. If you don't have coverage and you have a professional or handmade instrument consider Clarion Insurance  as their policies specialize in musical instrument coverage. If you have a student to intermediate instrument and you don't have a homeowners insurance policy you will probably be better off with the shippers insurance.

2) Find a box that gives the flute case clearance of at least 2 inches of its ends and sides.

3) Remove everything from the case that I don't need for repairs. Things like a swab, cleaning cloth, tooth brush, your babby hippopotamus, etc. If I am going to Overhaul or COA I will need the headjoint to clean it and check the headjoint cork. 

4) Find a good cushioning material to surround the flute case on all sides. Bubble wrap works great. Also if you crumple up enough newspapers to make a tight fit for the flute case it will work fine. I will re-use your box and shipping material to return the flute to you. You might want to keep the box for the next time you need to send it. 

5) Make sure to use packaging tape, applying at least three layers across the long dimension of both the top and bottom. 

6) The type of shipping is up to you, but the less time the flute spends in the back of a boiling/freezing truck the better. Overnighting is probably the safest way to go. Just don't overnight it on Friday or it will spend the weekend in a truck. Better to wait for Monday to ship it. 3 day is fine, but you won't want it to be in transit longer than that. Again, make sure it will get to me before the weekend or it is better to just wait until Monday.

7) When I have finished the repair I will invoice you for the cost of the repair and the return shipping through Quickbooks, you can easily pay with a credit or debit card or bank transfer.  After I receive payment I will ship it back to you.