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Tom Green Handmade Flute
Tom Green was one of the most talented flute makers to ever come out of Armstrong. He formed his own company making handmade flutes with his son, and this instrument would have been made by just the two of them. This handmade flute with an improved scale feels like a much more expensive instrument. This is the perfect instrument for a player who is looking for a better flute but doesn't want to play open hole. It has Solid Sterling Silver keys, split-E, and a low-profile C# Trill mechanism that demands the highest precision because it is located on the Trill mechanism tubing. This means he made a steel inside a tube inside a tube, truly the Turducken of C# trill levers!! The #1 complaint about the normal C# trill mechanism is that it changes the balance of the flute so that it rolls in and feels like it will make you go flat. This C# trill mechanism is the most perfectly balanced C# trill on the market.

Headjoint only $2199

1952 Haynes Commercial Model
Handmade Flute

 This all silver William S. Haynes flute was known as the commercial model. It was handmade by the best craftspeople in the world in 1952. The body has drawn toneholes, closed holes, Y-arms, and a low C foot. It has the sweet tone that made Haynes famous. This solid silver mechanism will keep going for another 100 years if given it's regular maintenance! I just gave it a COA. 

Flute and headjoint combined only $1,700